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Porting REXX to SmartPhone Andro´d : Rexx We Can!

This page is dedicated to those who enjoy REXX programing !

For those who don't know REXX :

  • procedural interpreted language, created by Mike Cowlishaw (IBM) for VM/CMS, then integrated by IBM in its Systems Application Architecture (SAA) on all OS'es : MVS-zOS, OS/400, OS/2, IBM-DOS, AIX.
  • simple, smart syntax and grammar (compared to Perl, C, Shell and other Python, Php, VB ...),
  • includes a powerfull parser (PARSE instruction) which gives a incredible way to analyze text.
  • ==> gives a good, multi-platforms tool, for quickly coding utility scripts, prototyping, technical applications ...,
  • described in several Web sites, i.e.t http://www.rexxla.org/, http://www.rexxinfo.org/.

REXX amateurs, certainely former "main-framers", know how to use REXX on any platform Window/UNIX, Linux, thanks to Regina REXX from Hessling.

The "purists", grown with the VM/CMS Xedit editor, or MVS/ISPF, and using KEDIT for DOS, Windows, OS/2, may also use The Hessling Editor (THE) from the same author, on a whole bunch of platforms (AIX, Sun, all Linux flavors ...).

Ok, you are on holidays, at the beach, far from your PC, your UNIX, your zOS, and you feel you could do a great Rexx program, using your favorite text editor... and you have your android smartphone at hand ...

The solution :

  1. Install Ubuntu on your phone, with an Internet access, and a C compiler (gcc),
  2. Download the sources (http://sourceforge.net/projects/regina-rexx/files/)
  3. Compile Regina and THE.

Here on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (HTC 'Kovsky') @632 Mhz :



... and also THE text editor.



if you have an Android phone :

  1. Install Ubuntu on your phone, as explained here.
  2. Get a linux login on a terminal session via ssh
  3. apt-get install regina-rexx
  4. apt-get install the

On a Samsung Galaxy Note [Android + Ubuntu/LXDE] @1.4 Ghz :




... and also THE text editor.



Et voila, it works : your phone includes Regina Rexx!

Eventually, we, at HH&S, know how to do a lot of other things like that, just contact us.

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