".../... However, once on the PC, the software can be incrementally rewritten. In this way, significant savings can be realized early with small upfront costs. There have been a few efforts along this direction, most notably the works by Henault [12], Rossen [17] and Townsends [18]. .../..."

- USENIX '04 Paper [USENIX '04 Technical Program] Migrating an MVS Mainframe Application to a PC

Our Softwares

Feature 1 ACMU is a MVS JCL to UNIX Shell converter

Feature 1 XSM is a very fast sort/merge software for large files.

All our softwares


HH&S is a human scale software consulting company created in 1992 composed of Engineers coming from the IBM mainframe world and a having a perfect expertise of new technologies.
This wide view of different computer worlds gives us a very strong skills to develop, modernize your IT architecture and assist you in your projects implementing technical and application infrastructures, today closely mixing Legacy Mainframe and Open.

We are pretty good in migrating/replatforming Mainframe MVS z/OS to UNIX/Linux, using a bunch of home-made replatforming/converting tools developed to meet customer needs.
Among these achievements, our JCL/Shell converter ACMU, one of the most efficient on the market, gave us a certain notoriety in the field.

Today our Mainframe customers also have Linux x86/VMware infrastructures.
We explored the z/Linux (aka "Linux on Z") solution in 2001: a Linux identical to x/86 but runing on IBM Z mainframe. With this expertise, we assist our customers towards the "Linux on Z" implementation.

If you are looking for Mainframe Talent, you have come to the right place!

About the company

Our services

Our technical knowledge, our expertise, responsiveness, efficiency of our services and performance of our achievements, whether in the areas of consulting, development, migration, technical support, the systems and networks administration as well as teaching, have allowed us to be known and appreciated by big companies IT services.

HH & S offers its Seniors Consultants expertise in both worlds of

  • Mainframe IBM --- z/OS MVS, z/VM, z/Linux ---
  • and Open --- UNIX, Linux, Windows, Java, Internet ---

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