Henri Henault

Henri Henault, fondateur
Henri Henault is graduate System Engineering from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers systems. Throughout his career, he worked in mainframe systems teams of large companies. From 1980 to 1985 he was computer systems teacher and lab manager at Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics, and then became an independent consultant until the creation of the family business Henri Henault & Sons in November 1992. System "Guru", he shares his time between Research & Development and Training Council. When you get an insurmountable technical problem, he is the man for the job!
As pretty good programer, Henri is author of a bunch of tools, for instance ACMU, JCL/Shell converter and XSM, DFSORT porting on Unix/Windows.

Eric Henault

Blog image Eric joins the Henault company in 1992. Specialist in TMT, organization and project management, he travels the world for over 15 years with the biggest names in the industry. Eric is a Telecomm Engineer (INT) and obtained his MBA at the London Business School.

Stéphane Henault

Blog image Stéphane is a graduated System Engineer from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.
His career began with the MVS system pupitrage then system and application programming, integration in heterogeneous worlds of VM, MVS, PC, UNIX / Linux, in various areas such as Teletext, broadband voice servers, Internet and security.
He begins to teach Systems and Programming in 1989, and now offers its services as an Architect.
Stéphane is co-author of ACMU and XSM softwares.

Why HH&S ?

Henri Henault + Eric + Stéphane = HH & S


HH&S is an IT Consulting company founded in Paris in November 1992 by Henri Henault and his two sons Eric and Stéphane.

Our characteristic is to have a wide computer culture, since we all started in the IBM mainframe world and followed the evolution of Minis and Micros systems. This broad view of different worlds gives us a very strong technical expertise to develop architectures of information systems.

Our technical knowledge, our expertise, responsiveness, efficiency of our services and performance of our achievements, whether in the areas of consulting, development, migration, technical support, the systems and networks administration as well as teaching, have allowed us to be known and appreciated by big companies IT services.

The size of our structure allows us to be very reactive and dynamic; we have gained a reputation for being fast and efficient, both with major companies. Our customers (always faithful since they know us) also appreciate the teaching of our team and take part of our work and our training techniques to find answers, ideas and recommendations.

This reputation we are proud of now gives us opportunities abroad (Spain, Poland, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Senegal, Sao Tome), and sometime in extremely difficult conditions for operations involving technical, political and financial issues.