Expertise in Mainframe & Open

HH&S offers its Senior Consultants expertise in both worlds of IBM Mainframe (z/OS MVS, z/VM, z/Linux) and Open (UNIX/Linux, Windows, Java, Internet, ...)

Our characteristic is to have a wide computer culture, since we all started in the IBM mainframe world and followed the evolution of Minis and Micros systems. This broad view of different worlds gives us a very strong technical expertise to develop IT architectures.

Our specialty, of course, is IBM Mainframe z/OS MVS, z/VM: We bring Mainframe clients who no longer have the necessary skills, our expertise, our advice to carry out such actions as:

  • MVS to AIX replatforming (Datapost - 1998)
  • audit, inventory of the existing legacy technical / application (merging Mikros/Datapost - 2002)
  • study for disengagement (LPar Carve out, Lift & Shift), cost optimization (LPar Merge) (NATIONAL SUISSE ASSURANCES - 2007)
  • building and conducting a RFP for Mainframe replatforming (Pages Jaunes - 2008, Mainframe Exit Program Aperam - 2017)
  • transformation/modernisation programme lead (Lift & Shift, Replatforming, transformation) (migration Datapost - 2002, migration Mikros - 2003, migration TESSI - 2014, migration KBL - 2017)
  • MF Rehosting Project Management (Aperam - 2018)
  • Openshift on z/VM z/Linux on LinuxOne infrastructure setup (IBM GTS - 2020)
  • Builing the Linux on Z service offer (BNP BP2I - 2021)
  • and many PoC/prototypes of JCL migration to Shell (with our ACMU tool)
The advantage of each of our senior experts is its ability to talk Bits & Bytes with Engineers, Programmers, SLA with Site Manager and Business Managers, TCO, ROI with IT Buyers, as well as Strategy with the CIO.

Our technical knowledge, our expertise, responsiveness, efficiency of our services and performance of our achievements, whether in the areas of consulting, development, migration, technical support, the systems and networks administration as well as teaching, have allowed us to be known and appreciated by big companies IT services.


Project & Architecture

  • Project Lead
  • Tech Lead transverse Mainframe/Open
  • Design
  • Implementation, Configuration
  • Audit, Tuning
  • Infrastructure Architect


Databases & Middleware

  • DB2 z/OS, IMS, DB2 UDB,
  • Oracle, Informix, Sybase, PostGres, MySQL, CouchBase, Elasticsearch, ...
  • MQ/Series, ESB, EAI, CICS, Tuxedo, ...

Networks & Telecoms

  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet
    DNS, Proxy, DHCP, SNMP, Sendmail, Apache, TomCat, WebSphere, JSP, Java, Javascript, Php, e-Commerce, e-Payment
  • Security
    Firewall, SSL, SSH, PGP, VPN, RACF, LDAP
  • Legacy
    • X.25 Transpac
    • Lan Server Netbios
    • Novell NetWare
    • Videotext, Vocal, Pager servers