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  • XSM : superFast Sort/Merge utility  |  EVMPR : VM/CMS Rexx runtime for Unix/NT
  • HSPO : a JES2 Spool Offload receiver for UNIX/Windows for mainframe distributed printing on UNIX/Windows
  • ACMU : a MVS JCL eto UNIX Shell converter  |  TSO/CICS load simulator
  • DBENTRY API : an API that connects MVS COBOL DATACOM/DB programs to another databaseée
  • GDG : a Generic Database Gateway that connects MVS COBOL DB/2 programs to other databases on open systems
  • Other achievements | REXX Internet workbench : REXX-CGI et REXX-Server-Page (RSP) | An implemantation of DIJKSTRA's semaphores for multithreading programming


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