Legacy Batch Modernization

HH&S tools are utilities matching needs of migration / integration of some software parts coming from IBM mainframe world VM/CMS and z/OS (MVS) to Open Systems.

They allow to port / distribute to UNIX / Windows platforms operations such as:

  • large files fast sort/merge "à la IBM": XSM
  • converting JCL MVS into UNIX Shell: ACMU
  • JES2 Spool offload processing on UNIX/Windows: HSPO
  • transparent move from CA/DATACOM-DB to DB2 or PostGres: DBENTRY
  • transparent move from DB/2 MVS to DB2/UDB, Oracle, PostGres, MySQL: GDG
  • VM/CMS REXX batch on Win/*nix: EVMPR
  • converting Software AG Entire Operation (EOR) scheduler plans to BMC Control-M: EOR2CTLM


XSM: eXtended [Fast] Sort Merge

XSM is a fast sort/merge utiliy for UNIX/Linux/Windows, using IBM DF/SORT syntax. It handles huge files, containing text/binary/Packed Decimal, in fixed/variable record length, with OS file size limit as only limit. XSM performances are higher than its challengers. XSM allows selective filters and duplicate records/key filtering.

  • 10 time faster than standard sort
  • merge / deduplicate / selective split

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ACMU: MVS JCL to UNIX/Linux Shell Script Converter

ACMU is an MVS JCL to UNIX/Linux Shell converter.
After initial setting phase, a simple click on a button will convert from 1 or 10000 JCL in shell scripts.

  • Produces Cross-References : JCL/Programs/files/variables
  • Produces "standalone" Shell scripts: will run on any UNIX/Linux without specific runtime
  • featuring IBM-like utilities IDCAMS, IKJEFT01, IEBCOPY, ...
  • featuring GDG implementation for UNIX/Linux
  • support for OPC (SETVAR, FETCH MEMBER)
  • custom filenaming rules


HSPO: Spool Offload JES2 for UNIX/Linux/Windows

HSPO (HHnS SPool Offload) allows MVS JES/2 SPOOL OFFLOAD processing into homogeneous logical flows (text lines, pure AFP flow) in order to process them on a print sub-system (ACIF).

  • Allows printing outsourcer to get client's JES2/Offload stream without a mainframe
  • run on UNIX/Linux/Windows


DBENTRY: Transparent COBOL API to DB2, PostGres

DBENTRY is a solution for moving from CA/DATACOM-DB to DB2 (z/OS or UNIX) or PostgreSQL (UNIX), almost "on the fly".
It allows an IBM site to replace DATACOM/DB without re-writing COBOL programs.
This saves time and money compared to a classical approach of lecagy COBOL re-engineering.

  • to keep COBOL programs featuring DATACOM-DB statements without any change: a simple link-edit with out DBEntry API will transparently route DBENTRY" calls to DB2 (z/OS or UNIX) or PostGreSQL (UNIX) SQL calls.
  • to port COBOL DATACOM-DB MVS programs to UNIX "as is", with no or minor changes.


GDG: General Database Gateway

GDG (Generic Database Gateway) allows MVS COBOL programs to use a UNIX/Linux/Windows Database engine such as DB2/UDB without the DBCONNECT mainframe license. It connects to UDB as well as Orale, PostGres, MySQL on UNIX, z/Linux, Windows.

GDG is the solution for a site that wish to keep its MVS COBOL DB/2 applications "as is" but to switch database from MVS DB/2 to a lower running cost open system database.


EVMPR: Emulateur VM Pour Rexx

EVMPR is a REXX VM/CMS runtime for UNIX/Windows that allows portage "as is" of 95% of original REXX VM/CMS procedures.
This runtime reproduces native VM and CMS technical features used in batch REXX under VM.
EVMPR allows cost saving portage of REXX procedures on Open Systems as an alternative to expensive code rewriting.