HH&S SPool Offload

HSPO (HH&S SPool Offload) is a batch utility that processes SPOOL OFFLOAD files coming from MVS/JES2 and split them into homogeneous logical streams (text lines, pure AFP) to be processed on a print subsystem (ACIF).

This utility runs on PC/mid-range open systems having their own AFP print controler.

  • AIX
  • SUN Solaris
  • Linux x86
  • z/Linux S/390
  • Windows

and processes raw JES/2 spool offload coming from any media :

  • non-SNA network (Internet, ...)
  • magnetic tapes
  • CD-rom
  • etc ...

HSPO allows to decentralize mainframe printing to PC/UNIX stations such as

  • office departements
  • remote agencies
  • outsourced production units (service suppliers)

Benefits for IBM mainframe sites:
  • possibility of sending raw spool offload to printing partners, saving CPU and production costs

Benefits for printing partners:
  • possibility of accepting native MVS Spool Offload from clients running a mainframe ... without the need of a mainframe !

Just have a free evaluation of HSPO!