ACMU Cross-References Screenshots

Doing Cross-Ref analysis of your +30-years old Legacy MVS, z/OS material show you figures you might not be aware of!

Following are sample outcomes of XRef produced from JCLs/PROCs you supply: it is a standalone flat -- macro free -- Excel spreadsheet, easy to read, manipulate, search, filter data.

Outcomes of XRef will dramatically help HH&S and client to appreciate feasibility, make a decision for target landscape, set priorities for porting applications and data, and plan project a very realistic way.

Index Sheet

This screenshot displays counts of JCL, PROC, distinct (unique) PGM. It gives an idea of requested effort for porting Legacy application and utility programs to target platform: Whatever the number of JCLs is, what is most important is number and nature of distinct programs / procedures / utilities.

(Invalid JCL means non-JCL files featuring by mystake in Joblibs, such as ASM, REXX, CLIST, Cobol, ...)


This screenshot shows usage of Application and utility programs,Procedures among all JCLs of all applications.
It answers these questions:

  • Which application/JCL is using this program ?
  • Which programs are needed to migrate this application ?
Furthermore, we see that different applications, in this example CUSTOMER and FINANCIAL, share common programs and technologies, such as DB2 (DSN*), MQSeries (EQQ*), ...

This list of EXEC PGM and EXEC PROC allows:
  • to check that we have corresponding "Wrapper" (1) Shell script for each Legacy IBM and Independant Software Vendors utility:
  • to identify any missing utility that we have to code a wrapper for,
  • to identify all client business programs to port on Open.
(1) The wrapper is a front shell script that calls target program, translating z/OS Legacy syntax and parameters for Open.

JCL - IKJEFT01 Sheet

With IBM "Swiss Army Knife" IKJEFT01 you can do a lot of things!
The question is:

  • What are your IKJEFT01 jobs doing ?
  • How tricky will it be to migrate to Unix/Linux?

Our XRef sheet gives meaningfull tags to IKJEFT01 operations:

  • DB2, TSO command, ISPSTART command: can be tricky, needs some analysis
  • REXX procedures: needs some analysis to decide for REXX porting vs rewriting
  • BPXBATCH, OMVS commands: easy

From this outcome of XRef, we will focus on tricky points to give a pretty good estimate of feasibility and workload that will be required on HH&S as well as on client side.

XRef Datasets

How sweet it is to view at glance your Legacy Batch Datasets !

  • Ordered by Application, JCL, Step, and DDNAME.
  • Original Dataset Name, Disposition, RECFM (Fixed/Variable)
  • High Level Qualifier
  • Proposed Target filenaming for Unix/Linux. Obviously, filenaming convention is decided by Client, and will be customized in ACMU.
  • Easy to sort / search / filter, draw your new filenaming convention.

Program/Utility Count Sheet

This screenshot shows number of programs, procs calls among all JCLs, per application, and total.

We can see at glance which technologies are used by applications.
Mainframe eyes can see in this example HR is sole user of Oracle (SQLPLUS,SQLLoader), CUSTOMER, PURCHASE and SALES applications are using DB2 (DSNUTIL, DSNUPROC), all applications are using MQSeries (EQQ*).

Once XRef is done, HH&S team will identify which program/utility is complex/tricky to port.
In such case, XRef will help making a decision: Remove / Replace / Rewrite.

Typical cases:

Legacy Decision Target
ADRDSSU backup Replace Your UNIX/Linux favorite backup tool: tar, zip, ...
We'll write a custom ACMU Userexit that will replace "on the fly" ADRDSSU pattern by your target pattern
IDCAMS IEBCOPY IEBGENER Replace In most cases standart UNIX tools cp, mv, dd, awk
REXX proc Rewrite Your UNIX/Linux favorite language: Shell, Perl, Python, ...
BPXBATCH Shell commands Remove BPXBATCH only usefull on z/OS: Shell commands will run naturaly on UNIX/Linux
ISPSTART Rewrite ISPF calls: see if it makes sense to port/keep on Open ...
SORT, ICESORT Replace Our XSM DFSORT-syntax sort was designed in purpose!

Missing Material Sheet

Not sure you have supplied all Legacy items ?
Don't worry! Our Missing Material Sheet will point out missing files!

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Just send us a sample zip of your Joblibs.

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