Thank you for allowing me to evaluate your excellent product. In terms of performance it was clearly the best product available on the market. I bench-tested it against a number of other sort utilities and it performed at a minimum of 2.5x the speed of the other programs.
I am therefore in a position to recognise high quality, and your software is amazing.

- Lindsay Mitchell - Financial Systems Consultant

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View how to simply Sort / Merge / Deduplicate / Selectively split CSV text files


XSM : Fast Sort/Merge utility for Professional

  • multi-platforms : UNIX AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, z/Linux, Windows, OS/400 iSeries, OS/390 OpenMVS (UNIX Services)
  • Sorts 1 Gigabyte in seconds, not hours ; See our Benchmark reports
  • Maximum file size is only limited by Operating System
  • Sort, Merge, Selective Copy / Split with "Include/Exclude" filters
  • Deduplicate on duplicate keys or records
  • Reformat records
  • Up to 20 sort keys, any combination of Ascending or Descending sort keys
  • Support for fixed format, as well as variable, MFCobol, delimited (CSV), and Binary, Numeric, Char, Packed Decimal types
  • "Y2K" dates clever processing (1900/2000 pivot)
  • Support for UNIX style pipes and redirection
  • IBM® MVS DF/SORT® compatible syntax
  • "Wrappers" (dynamic syntax translator) for easy and transparent Syncsort®, MFsort, UNIX sort replacement
  • Save CPU, disk, memory resources


What XSM does, but your standard sort does not:

XSM Linux sort AIX sort Windows sort
Unlimited File Size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Input Filtering Yes No No No
Output Filtering on different files Yes No No No
Suppress on duplicate keys Yes No Yes No
Suppress on duplicate records Yes Yes No No
Mixed Ascending and Descending sort keys Yes Yes Yes No
Variable field length in records with separator (CSV) Yes Yes Yes No
   - including numeric fields Yes Yes Yes No
   - including lowercase=Uppercase Yes Yes Yes No
Merge Yes Yes Yes No
Binary files Yes No No No
   - including Packed Decimal Yes No No No
Work Files/Disks Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clever Y2K handling dd/mm/yy -> dd/mm/YYYY Yes No No No
Selective Copy/Split Yes No No No


Is XSM really faster than standard sorts supplied on Operating Systems ? Yes
Is XSM faster than its challengers ? Yes, see Benchmarks ...
Does XSM sorts binary records on Windows ? Yes
Is XSM cheaper than its challengers ? Yes
Who uses XSM ? +60 clients over 12 pays !


Rather than a long marketing speech, just read clients feedback then download and evaluate freely XSM by yourself!